Amplified Coffee Collection Launches

We are pleased to introduce you to our Amplified Coffee Collection! The Elevation, Bionic, Bionic Dark, Hero and Hero Dark coffees are all infused with differing levels of Wild Theory Company CBD Oil (see the specific mg dosage listed below). Wild Theory Co CBD Oil is a product of The Healthy Place (formerly known as Apple Wellness) in Madison, WI. They source the best ingredients and hand select the formulas to ensure they have the absolute best product containing no fillers, no chemicals, just pure hemp-derived CBD Oil Extract.  

The coffees are all based on our regular and dark roasted versions of our celebrated Colombia Cordillera Central coffee. For our standard roast on this coffee we tailor it to emphasize Colombia’s signature attributes; full body, sweet, rich cocoa and plum flavor and voluptuous aroma. The cup has silky, buttery texture and a tangy walnut oil finish that’s a hallmark of great Colombians. On the dark-side, we take the roast up a notch to capture notes of smooth dark cocoa, enhanced body and a larger mouthfeel.

Either way, these coffees are a perfect blend of expertly roasted specialty coffee infused with premium CBD oil. These coffees are currently only available for in store purchase or as part of our wholesale program.

Elevation - 75mg CBD/12oz Bag
Bionic - 150mg CBD/12oz Bag
Bionic Dark - 150mg CBD/12oz Bag
Hero - 300mg CBD/12oz Bag
Hero Dark - 300mg CBD/12oz Bag