Eye Opener - Buy Two Bags Get One FREE

Eye Opener - Buy Two Bags Get One FREE

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This item includes three 12oz bags of Eye Opener Blend.
A bright, energizing breakfast-type blend, Eye Opener has medium body and clean, sweet flavor with a brisk coffee aroma. It’s a blend of Heirloom Arabicas from Africa including Ethiopia Yrgacheffe, and the New World.

Barriques blends have rock-solid flavor and intensity every day of the year. Our blending secret? No shortcuts!

We create blends around specific flavor profiles and work every day to keep them tasting their best. We manage blends the rigorous, old-fashioned way, tasting and tweaking to maintain peak flavor, intensity and balance. We use great beans, too – the same sustainably-grown Heirloom Arabicas as our single origin coffees. Blend with less intense ‘blender beans’ to save a few cents? Not here.

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