Merchants Blend 3 for 2 Pack

Merchants Blend 3 for 2 Pack

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This Item Includes 3 bags of Merchants Blend For the Price of Two

Merchants Blend marries bright, crisp New World coffee with rich and bittersweet dark roast. The classic interplay of light and dark roast flavor is known worldwide as the Viennese Blend. It’s the original European coffee tradition, and like all grand traditions, Merchants Blend begins with a legend and a hero…

...In 1683, when the Hapsburg emperor’s army liberated Vienna from the Turks, they found sacks of strange beans. Thinking they were camel feed they set some afire, and the scent of roasting coffee brought a young officer, our hero, on the run. As a former Turkish prisoner he’s the only European in Vienna who knows the secret of coffee’s bold flavor and vitality.

So, our hero boldly meets his destiny… He cons the general into giving him the beans, then gets himself cashiered and opens the original Viennese coffeehouse. Our enterprising hero blends those dark, burned beans with lighter roast, brews them and adds sweet whipped cream – and the Viennese Blend, Vienna’s Golden Era and European coffee tradition are born… and the rest is history!

Merchants Blend is a traditional Viennese coffee, seamlessly blending crisp, sweet New World and buttery Colombian with our Smokejumper Dark Roast. It’s aromatic, full bodied and elegantly smooth, with a light, smoky tang and a rich, bittersweet chocolate finish. Enjoy Merchants Blend; it’s equally at home as an elegant dinner companion or around the campfire with friends!