Spring Drinks in Full Bloom!

To celebrate the melting of the winter snow and the budding flowers, we've prepared a trio of appropriately floral beverages.

Our first Spring Drink Special is the Fiery Spring Italian Soda. This drink is sparkling water, flavored with a combination of hibiscus syrup and house-made Jalapeño simple syrup. Sweet and sparkling, with just a touch of spiciness, this is the perfect thirst quencher as the weather starts to warm up.

Our second Spring Drink Special is the Pretty in Pink Tea Latte. We combine Rishi's Jade Cloud Green Tea with steamed oat milk, and add in some hibiscus syrup for sweetness. Then, for an added decorative floral touch, we top it with a candied hibiscus flower. Rich and sugary, this is a luxurious beverage that will make you feel as fresh as a flower in bloom.

Our final Spring Drink Special is the Iced Hibiscus Americano. This is our classic Iced Americano, flavored with hibiscus syrup and topped off with cold milk foam of your choice. If you're looking for a coffee drink with a spring twist, then this is the drink for you.

All these beverages are available at all our locations, while supplies last!

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