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Barriques Rewards Program

Earn Reward Points every time you make a purchase at Barriques.

As a member of the Barriques Rewards Program, you earn one reward point every time you make a purchase at Barriques. These reward points can be converted into things like free cafe drinks or free admission to a wine tasting. You can see the complete listing of items your points can be redeemed for in the Barriques Rewards chart included here. Our Reward Members also receive a special promotional email that we send out once or twice a month, offering you new ways to redeem your points and new deals exclusive to our Rewards Members such as access to highly allocated spirits and invitations to member only events.  

How does it work?

Your Barriques Rewards number will be the phone number you provide in the signup form below. The next time you are making a purchase at a Barriques location, press the "Earn Rewards" button in the top right corner of the customer facing iPad at the counter.  

You will be asked to enter in your Rewards Number and then your current points balance will be displayed. If you have enough points to earn a discount on an item you are purchasing that day, you will be presented with an option to redeem your points. Simple as that! 

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