Nighty Night Decaf

Nighty Night Water Process Decaf

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Your dreams do come true, literally, w/ the newest release from our Amplified Coffee series.  The Nighty Night Decaf is built upon the most popular decaf coffee in our lineup, the Downshift Mountain Water Process Decaf.  To the Downshift we add 17 milligrams of Melatonin per 12oz bag to help insure that yawning will happen.  

All of our decafs are decaffeinated by the Mountain Water Process, the same natural decaffeination as Swiss Water. The decaffeination plant is new, with updated processes and controls that protect coffee flavor. We craft roast decaf the same way as our other coffees – in small batches with careful attention to the nuances that signal peak flavor development. Our Decafs are delicious, with cup quality, intensity and flavor to match our other specialty coffees!

Pack Size: 12oz Ground Coffee

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