Vina Maitia Aupa Blanco
Vina Maitia Aupa Blanco

Vina Maitia Aupa Blanco

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2022 - Viña Maitia, located in the Maule Valley of Chile, is renowned for its dedication to reviving ancient winemaking traditions. Under the stewardship of David Marcel, the winery embraces the old Chilean method of Pipeño, which involves using hand-harvested grapes from over century-old vines, emphasizing minimal intervention to capture the authentic expression of the terroir. Marcel's approach is deeply rooted in a philosophy that values sustainability and the preservation of local winemaking customs, making Viña Maitia a pivotal entity in the Chilean wine community.

The 2022 The Viña Maitia Aupa Pipeño Blanco is celebrated for its crisp and effervescent palate, featuring a blend of bright citrus flavors complemented by subtle herbal notes, which together create a balanced and refreshing finish. This wine pairs exceptionally well with seafood, light pasta dishes, and salads, making it a versatile choice for a variety of culinary experiences. The commitment to traditional techniques and the focus on native grape varieties like Torrontes and Pedro Ximenez not only enhance the wine's unique profile but also contribute to the broader narrative of Chilean viticulture, offering a distinct and memorable drinking experience.

--90pts Wine Advocate

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