Costa Rica Dota Santa Maria 3 For 2

Costa Rica Dota Santa Maria 3 For 2

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This item includes 3 bags of coffee for the price of 2.

Our Costa Rica Dota Santa Maria is sourced from the canton (municipality) of Dota in the province of San José. The humid climate, high altitude 5000 - 6500 ft, and rich volcanic soil contribute to produce coffee with such distinctive ‘taste of place’. The coffee comes from the 60 year old cooperative, CoopeDota, that strives for having a sustainable economic impact and is one of three carbon neutral coffee companies in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica Dota Santa Maria is light roasted to bring out the lovely flavors of orange, lemon zest and candy-honey. It has a medium ­bodied and well balanced with a crisp, clean engaging finish.  Enjoy.

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