Colombia Cordillera Central

Colombia Cordillera Central

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Really good Colombian like “Cordillera Central” is one of the best reasons to love coffee! Colombian coffees are celebrated for having “more” and compared to the straightforward bright, clean cup of other New World beans, they sure do… more lush character and body, a richer aroma, and more sweet chocolate, lush fruit flavors.

The number two world producer of Arabica, Colombia’s quality reputation was born with beans from the “MAM” provinces (Medellin, Armenia, Manizales) in the heart of the Cordillera Central range. The rugged mountains are the secret of a unique climate responsible for Colombia’s excellent coffee. The Cordillera intercepts weather from the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean, constantly circulating warm tropical air up the slopes to coffee farms at even the highest altitude. The Cordillera spans Colombia from farthest south to well north of the Equator, making it one of very few coffee areas in the world producing multiple crops of fresh beans yearly.

These beans come from steep hillsides of rich volcanic soil, with heirloom Arabicas grown in shade at 1500 to 1800 meters altitude high above the Cauca River, an excellent year-round source of fresh spring water. Only ripe cherries are harvested by hand and sun-dried by individual farmers.

Our roast is tailored to emphasize Colombia’s signature attributes; full body, sweet, rich cocoa and plum flavor and voluptuous aroma. The cup has silky, buttery texture and a tangy walnut oil finish that’s a hallmark of great Colombians.

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