Decaf Colombia Mountain Water Process
Decaf Colombia Mountain Water Process

Colombia Water Process Decaf

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Just one look and taste of Barriques Decaf, and you know we’re coming from a very different place than other specialty roasters. We buy better beans because we’re determined that ALL our customers enjoy great coffee – crisp, rich and satisfying, and with ‘taste of place’ only possessed by sustainably-grown heirloom Arabica. These beans are grown in Huila, one of the finest growing areas of Colombia’s southern Cordillera Central range, and produced by a small mill run by the Valencia family. For over 30 years the Valencias have been a mainstay for the best specialty coffees from Huila.

All of our decafs are decaffeinated using the chemical-free swiss water process or mountain water process. These methods use fresh, pure water to gently remove caffeine without compromising on taste or quality.  We craft roast decaf the same way as our other coffees – in small batches with careful attention to the nuances that signal peak flavor development. Our Decafs are delicious, with cup quality, intensity and flavor to match our other specialty coffees!

Our Colombia Mountain Water Decaf is medium-bodied with a smooth, buttery mouthfeel and sweet chocolate and walnut flavor notes. The excellent flavor and rich, nutty finish will have you reaching for a second cup.

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