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Zoom Union Wine Company Tasting Pack

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Union Wine Company's winemaker, Meredith McGough was one of our first virtual guest hosts when began hosting Zoom based tastings back in 2020.   We are delighted to have another chance to connect up with her for a wine and chocolate tasting on Friday, February 11th @ 7pm.  Here is a little background on Meredith in case you didn't get to 'meet' her the first time.

"Her Italian mother and free-spirited father ensured that Meredith appreciated wine and travel early and often, leading her to dive headlong into a Viticulture and Enology education at UC Davis before she was of legal drinking age. The combinations of tradition and innovation, physical and mental, art and science sustain her passion for the craft of winemaking. A native Pacific Northwesterner through and through, Meredith found a home at Union Wine Co. after several years making decidedly pinkies-up wines in the Napa Valley, a few formative vintages braving the Oregon elements with a couple of our friends in the Willamette Valley wine industry, and some time harvest-hopping and adventuring in France, Australia, and New Zealand. As Production Winemaker, Meredith oversees the packaging facility, working with the rest of the team to put impressive, unpretentious wine in the can or bottle."

The tasting pack for the evening will include 250ml cans of the Underwood Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Bubbles and Rose Bubbles.  As a special nod to that certain special heart filled holiday coming up, the tasting pack will also include two bars of chocolate from Terroir Chocolate including the Scandi and Fleur du Sel.  Terroir Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate company from Fergus Falls Minnesota and a new arrival at your neighborhood Barriques locations.  

After purchase purchasing your tasting pack, you will receive an email with instructions on how to connect with us via Zoom the night of the event.  This event is limited to 24 tasting kits so get yours before they sell out. Cheers!

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