California Cabernet Sauvignon - 11/17/23

California Cabernet Sauvignon - 11/17/23

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Yo, check this, we're kickin' it classy,
This Friday night, got something sassy.
Cabernet's callin', the scene is set,
California's finest, the best you can get.

At Barriques we vibe, we pour, we taste,
November seventeenth, no time to waste.
Glasses up, feel the beat, sip the story,
It's a Cali Cab affair, in all its glory.

Smooth, bold flavors that'll make you sway,
Get ready to groove in the Barriques way.
From the valleys to your glass, it's a winery rally,
Join us, we're goin' back to Cali.

Barriques Middleton, 4:30 - 6:30.  $16 discounted advance purchase price.  $18 day of event.

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