Garciarevalo Casamaro Verdejo

Garciarevalo Casamaro Verdejo

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2023 - Garciarévalo, nestled in the Rueda region of Spain, is a winery that benefits from a unique setting and innovative viticultural practices. Located at the confluence of the Adaja and Eresma rivers, the vineyard enjoys an exceptional microclimate characterized by significant day-to-night temperature variations and cooler overall conditions due to its 900m elevation. These factors contribute to the preservation of the grapes' natural acidity and freshness. The winery, surrounded by a pine forest, utilizes sandy soils that promote excellent drainage and temperature regulation, further enhancing the grape quality. Since 2020, Garciarévalo has been certified organic, a testament to their commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.

The 2023 Garciarévalo Casamaro Verdejo, made from 85% Verdejo and 15% Viura grapes, is a prime example of the winery's focus on quality and tradition. Fermented in stainless steel to preserve the fruit's vibrant character, this wine exudes fresh, zesty flavors of citrus and green apple, complemented by subtle herbal notes. The use of old bush-trained vines contributes to the wine’s complexity and the distinctly robust character of the Verdejo grape. This wine pairs excellently with seafood, light salads, or as a refreshing standalone glass pour. With its unbeatable value and distinctive freshness, the Casamaro Verdejo is a perfect representation of Garciarévalo’s dedication to producing expressive and high-quality wines in the Rueda region.

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