Gin and Tonic Kit
Gin and Tonic Kit

Gin and Tonic Kit

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Back in the 1800s, the British in India would take quinine dissolved in water to fend off malaria. The problem though, was that this "tonic water" was incredibly bitter and unpleasant to drink, so the Brits decided to add a healthy swig of gin to the tonic. Hence, the Gin and Tonic. We are certainly not here to taught the medical benefits of a GnT but given what is going on right now, they sure are tasting pretty good right now.

Our Gin and Tonic Kit has the essentials needed to mix up some of our special recipe GnTs at home. It features:

We recommend a one part to two parts ratio for the gin to tonic ratio, but you can certainly adjust that if you're feeling saucy.

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