Team Wisconsin Holiday Pack

Team Wisconsin Holiday Pack

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J. Henry La Flamme ReserveLa Flamme Reserve is Patton Road Reserve finished in ex-Armagnac casks. It was aged five years in the farm’s former dairy-barn-turned-rickhouse and subjected to our brutal winters and hot, humid summers.  “Every autumn in Gascony, France local farmers observe the successful grape harvest and the start of the Armagnac distilling season with ‘La Flamme de l’Armanac’ celebration. La Flamme Reserve honors traditional French blending techniques and marries the flavors of the Armagnac region of France to our Wisconsin Straight Bourbon.” – Joe Henry

J. Henry 2021 Limited Edition Anniversary Blend - "This year, son JoeZ and noser and blender Nancy L Fraley, worked long and hard to create a blend that was equal or better than the delicious 2020 release. They were delighted with the final result, portions of eight barrels, aged from six to eleven years in their new, charred oak barrels, blended to complement the best of each barrel and make each barrel, each flavor a contribution to the whole that enhanced each part. We are always excited to bring you a new expression and hope we continue to find enough barrels to make something special each year for the holidays and the bourbon season of sharing." - From The Distillery

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