Zoom Joto Sake #3 Tasting Pack
Zoom Joto Sake #3 Tasting Pack

Zoom Joto Sake #3 Tasting Pack

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Join us for our third Virtual Sake Tasting! On Friday, February 5th at 7pm, Barriques will be hosting our third Zoom-based Virtual Sake Tasting featuring four sakes from Joto Sake.  The base tasting pack will include three of the four sakes including the Eiko Fuji Ban Ryu "Glorious Mt. Fuji" One Cup 30/180ml, Kameizumi Namazake Genshu Junmai Ginjo “Eternal Spring” 720ml, & Marumoto HanaHouHouShu Pink Sparkling Sake 12/300m.  You can add the fourth bottle, the Joto Daiginjo 12/300ml as well.

One tasting pack is easily shareable with several people or if you're really thirsty, keep it all for yourself! :)

We are lucky to again be joined on this tasting by Ryan Mellinger, the Joto sake sales representative for Wisconsin.  After purchasing your tasting pack, you will receive another email on Monday, February 1st with Zoom connections instructions.  This event is limited to 40 participants so get your tasting pack before they sell out. Cheers!

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