2023 Top Five Sparkling Picks For The Holidays

As we start to think about saying goodbye to 2023, a sparkling toast is in order. We've put together a selection of five of our favorite sparkling wines that promise to elevate any upcoming celebration. From the crisp elegance of Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc to the playful charm of Santa Marina Prosecco, here's our top five picks to pop as you wrap up the year.

1. Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc: Pretty much our go-to celebrate anything big or small sparkling wine for the past 20 years.  It is a vibrant and refreshing Californian sparkling known for its rich complexity and crisp apple notes. $35.99

2. Filipa Pato 3B Sparkling Rosé: A Portuguese gem, this sparkling rosé delights with its berry flavors and elegant, balanced acidity. Bonus points for the label. $18.99

3. Alma 4 Almacita Brut: From Argentina, this brut stands out with its fine bubbles and harmonious blend of fruit and lovely toasty character.  Huge value for the price found here. $14.99

4. Avinyo Cava: A classic Spanish cava offering a perfect blend of freshness and subtle citrus aromas. Also perfect for day after Mimosas. $17.99

5. Santa Marina Prosecco: An Italian favorite, this Prosecco charms with its light, fruity, and effortlessly bubbly character.  (Available in a Rosé as well)Can’t beat it for the price! $9.99

Bonus Pick
Underwood The Bubbles 250ml Can: Any sparkling list of ours would be remiss without mentioning this wonder in a can.  The Bubbles is a refreshingly casual sparkling wine that works well when paired with life😃. $4.99

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