Barriques Rewards Program Updates

On May 1st there are big changes coming to the Barriques Rewards program.  
The first update is that we are going to consolidate the listing of available rewards to make them more consistent and increase the number of items on our coffee, bakery and food menu that are covered.  Most notably, the new free bakery item reward will now include all of our bakery items as opposed to just scones and cookies and there will be a separate reward available that covers smoothies and, for the first time, frappes. The list will be updated to the following:
  • 12pts - Free Bakery Item
  • 15pts - Free Brewed Coffee or Rishi Tea
  • 18pts - Free Espresso, Tea or Cafe Beverage
  • 20pts - Free Smoothie or Frappe
  • 22Pts - Free Sandwich, Market Bowl or Breakfast Item
  • 25pts - Free 12oz Bag of Coffee
Reducing the base list will allow us add seasonal rewards which we will do in step with our seasonal food and drink roll-outs. The first of these will be as follows:
  • 30pts - Free Tasting Admission
  • 40pts - Free Joe-To-Go
  • 100pts – Free Toddy Coffee Brewer
Second, as of May 1, rewards points will expire 12 months after they are earned.
The details:
  • All points earned before May 1, 2024 will expire 12 months from that date(not the date they were earned). Any points earned after 5/1 that will expire 12 months after they were earned at the end of the month. Thus points earned on 5/5/24 will expire on 5/31/25.
  • Oldest points will automatically be used first when redeeming rewards.
  • You will receive a message 14 days prior to any points expiring.
We know that some of you with large point balances may find it impractical to use them up within the next year.  To address this, we are going to be temporarily rolling out a couple of old rewards that allowed large point redemption for Barriques gift cards. Specifically, the $100 and $50 Gift Card Rewards for 400pts and 200pts respectively. If you would like to redeem points for either of these two gift card options, please email and someone will follow-up w/ you complete the transaction.
Thanks for your support and we hope that you can take advantage of the new rewards options sometime soon a neighborhood Barriques near you.
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