Three Horizon Expanding Gins

Favorite spirits are great, but every once in a while it's good to explore the field to make some new 'friends'.  In honor of one of the greatest gin-n-tonic summers we've had in a long while, we call out three unique Gins that you should give serious consideration to.

 Moletto Tomato Gin - Should be on any gin lovers ‘must try’ list.  From the Vento region in Italy, the distiller will tell you it is smooth tasting, and the sharp juniper berry note is followed by the enticing note of the original botanical features of the tomato. A ripe tomato that finally invigorates the palate with its fragrant, refreshing and citrusy notes.  Forget Bloody Mary’s, think Bloody Molly! 
Matsui Hakuto Gin - Japanese Gin? Just say yes to this explosion of nine botanicals including juniper berries, coriander seed, orange peel, Yuma peel, Japanese ginger green tea, cherry blossom and black pepper.  Include in place of your ‘regular’ gin and be prepared for the refreshing citrus and spicy Japanese pepper that will level up your favorite gin-based cocktail.
Eden Mill Love Gin - Since it first hit our shelves we’ve been huge fans. The recent bottle redesign put our love in to overdrive.  Pink, of course, and per the distiller tastes of rhubarb spice and sweet strawberries with vanilla, finishing with green apple citrus and a hint of rose water.  Perfect for your favorite Gin Sprtiz.




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