Weekly Wine Deal: 2018 Prá "Otto" Soave

Regular Retail: $17.99
Deal Price: $14.99 a bottle or an additional 10% for a case 

We need you to keep something top of mind as we get into our email spiel this week. More than twenty years of wine selling experience has shown us that featuring a Soave Classico, a Northern Italian white wine made from the very unsexy sounding Garganega grape, is not a recipe for a summer blockbuster. In fact, forget blockbuster, add to that that this wine is normally priced at $17.99 and you might as well have just announced the premiere of Gigli Returns. By the way, would it be better or worse if I told you that our wine this week was named after the winemakers dog?! Despite all of that, here we are with the 2018 Prá “Otto” Soave. It is just too good to pass up.  

Prá was founded by Graziano Prá on his family estate in the 1980’s. On the estate were several vineyard sites dating back 60yrs or more. These vineyard sites had not been commercialized until Graziano came along and have remained organically grown from their inception. They are perched in an idyllic Italian landscape of hills and planted in black volcanic soils which provides his wines with richness, power and delicacy over a core of savory minerality. With the Dolomite mountains in the background, this is truly a breathtaking wine growing countryside.  

The 2018 Prá “Otto” Soave Classico comes from a selection of 30-60 year old vineyards. The wine has a very light golden green color in the glass and a seductive nose of peach blossom, jasmine, green herbs, apricot and citrus, all supported by a vibrant minerality. It is savory and crisp with an intense texture that fills the palate with notes of lemon curd and a mouth watering finish. We can’t speak highly enough about the intensity and quality of this wine. It comes on with power, flavor and delivers a wine that almost demands a good meal. Place it with a smoked ham, a fresh fish stew, dry salty cheeses or pork medallions. Chill it down and you are going to have a great wine drinking experience.

Send an email to winedeals@barriquesmarket.com with your name and preferred pickup location if you are interested in having us set some aside for you. Alternatively, use the form below. All orders received by 5pm will be ready by 5pm of the following business day, Mon - Fri. Orders placed on Fri - Sun will be available on the following Monday by 5pm. All orders will receive a confirmation email. Offer good through August 14th.

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