Weekly Wine Deal: 2018 Vinha da Lage "Hiatus" Alvarinho

Barriques Regular Retail: $11.99
Deal Price: $8.99 a bottle or an additional 10% off a case

The 2018 Vinha da Lage "Hiatus" Alvarinho is the kind of terrible name for a wine that would result in it just sitting on the shelf gathering dust, if it didn’t happen to be our email deal for the week. Thankfully, the label is not terrible looking and clearly calls out the only word you can probably pronounce or remember, ‘hiatus’. One might find this actually kind of funny when you think about it because, personally, I would rather have it say something like ‘delicious’ or ‘fantastic’ or ‘excelente’ instead of something that reminds of me ‘halt’, ‘stop’ or ‘I’m taking a break from buying wine’. Anyway, Finn is now getting mad at me because I have neglected to tell you why this impossible-to-remember-the-name-of wine made the cut this week. Here is what he wanted me to say:

The Sottomayor family has resided in the valley of the Entre-Douro-e-Minho region of Portugal since the 1400s and has been producing wine there for the last 300 years. Casa da Lage, their current winery, was founded in 1900 and was most recently handed over to 19 year old Leonor Maria Benedita de Sottomayor Aires de Campos. (I’ll interject here and point out that she obviously needed to get into the family wine business because she had failed out of school on account that it took the entire class period just to write her name at the top of her tests. Ok, back to Finn’s stuff.) Leonor proved to be a quick learner and set about renovating the winery and setting it on the path towards becoming the highly renowned winery that it is today throughout Portugal.

The 2018 Vinha da Lage "Hiatus" Alvarinho has a iridescent platinum white gold color with grippy tears in the glass. You might find the wine’s name hard to pronounce but your nose will have no trouble at all with the explosion of fresh aromas of honeysuckle, peach, pear, candied lime, ginger root, jasmine, lemon, and passion fruit that pour forth from the bottle. Likewise, it features a veritable basket of tropical fruits that will fill the palate with a zesty verve and brightness on the finish. This wine pushes the edge of intensity which makes it a showy wine for parties and a pure pleasure to drink. You’ll find it perfect for complex seafood stews, oysters on the half shell, steamed crab, or a fresh white sardine salad. Cheers.

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